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Half Moon Display

Half Moon Display


Place this bin against the wall, at your check-out or just next to a freezer and it will be very easy to access to encourage impulse buying. It can be used alone or put two together to form a circular dump.
Made of highly durable steel wire, this dump has a load capacity of 150 lb. NOA tool is required to assemble it since it is made in one piece.

  • At the end of your purchase, indicate the color you require in this product.

    • It has wheels for easy movement, 2 of them with brakes
    • The base tray adjusts in 3" measurements, place the base in the middle of the dump and it will give a sensation of a full display
    • Line colors at your choice, electrostatic powder colors Black, White, Dark Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow.
    • Dump measures 24" x 13" x 24" Height 
    • Packaging Measures 26" x 14" x 26" Height 
    • Dump weight 8 kg without load
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