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Checkout / Collection Box / Point of Sale

Checkout / Collection Box / Point of Sale


We handle different measures:


  • Model CHO/X/160/ AREA(foutprint)160cms x 120cms HEIGHT:90cms
  • CHO/X/60/180 model: 60cm x1.80m
  • CHO/X/60/200 model: 60cmx 2.00m
  • CHO/X/60/XXX model: 60 x required size


Made entirely of structural steel with 304 food grade stainless steel covers, with electrostatic powder finishes in the color of your choice (ask for availability) and finished off on edges with PVC  molding and leveling feet.


Includes: flag pole with articulated monitor holder and keyboard support, protector for scanner with keyboard holder and articulated TPB support, open space for money drawer  (money box not included), shelves for consumables_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ and electronics 


Due to its manufacturing design, all our Xpress models can work both left and right, so its versatility will help you in the design of your business or in case of re-arrangement of your store layout, our flag poles have the flexibility to support monitor and/or keyboard on the same post for greater convenience and space in the collection line or, failing that, completely remove the post. Its strategically placed shelves can comfortably receive the CPU of your point of sale among other products with sufficient storage space. Its shelves in the packing area are small but have a large capacity. The module to receive the cash box as well as the collection line works both left and right with enough space.


Easy to assemble and assemble, you will only need a set of Spanish keys or pliers. We send you an assembly instruction and/or video.


•This price does not include 16% VAT and shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.

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