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Magnetic Padlocks

Magnetic Padlocks


Packaging: Box with 100 pieces
Wrench Length: 55.8mm
Padlock Length: 38.7mm
Padlock weight: 5.8 g
Key Weight: 58g

1 Magnetic Key
100 Padlocks

Padlock made of ABS
High intensity magnetic wrench made of aluminum

To lock all merchandise on the blister hook, or leave the front product unlocked and shoppable while protecting additional inventory behind it. The highly visible bright red color shows that the product is locked and protected, providing an added theft deterrent. Employees can quickly unlock with the included magnetic key, which features a built-in key fob. The lock is also easy to install, simply slide it over the hook and snap closed. The lock will prevent merchandise from being removed from the hooks, for hook diameters from 0.186" to 0.224".

Ideal for self-service stores, shops with direct sales to the public.

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